AFRICOM Meets 2011 CFC-O Goal, Receives Check for Stuttgart's Family and Youth Support Programs

Staff Sergeant Olufemi Owolabi
U.S. AFRICOM Public Affairs

STUTTGART, Germany - U.S. Marine Corps Colonel Bruce Nickle, U.S. Africa Command's assistant chief of staff, receives a check of $10,799 from Renee Acosta, chief executive officer of Global Impact, during a presentation ceremony at the U.S. AFRICOM headquarters, May 14, 2012. The command received the check for contributions made to the Family Support and Youth Programs, such as the Stuttgart Child and Youth Services. (U.S. AFRICOM photo by Staff Sergeant Olufemi A. Owolabi)

STUTTGART, Germany, May 15, 2012 — The staff at U.S. Africa Command dug deep into their pockets during the 2011 Combined Federal Campaign Overseas Program. For their contributions to the Stuttgart Child and Youth Services, the command received a check for $10,799 in a presentation ceremony at the command headquarters May 14, 2012.

U.S. Marine Corps Colonel Bruce Nickle, AFRICOM's assistant chief of staff, received the check on behalf of the command.

The check, presented by Renee Acosta, chief executive officer of Global Impact, is designated for family support and youth programs, such as the Stuttgart Child and Youth Services. Global Impact manages the two largest workplace giving campaigns: the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O), for all overseas commands of the Department of Defense, and the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA), for all federal workers in the Washington, D.C. region.

"When contributors choose 'FSYP' on their pledge cards, the funds are returned to the installation of origin to be used for Family Support and Youth Programs," said Lieutenant Commander Ben Duelley, 2011 CFC-O program manager for the U.S. Africa Command. "In addition, FSYP gifts enable overseas locations to offer free or reduced-cost programs so that the entire cost of special activities is not passed on to those serving our country and their families. From providing softballs for youth to funding language classes for spouses or buying art supplies for the local child development center, FSYP enhances the quality of life for those living in an overseas military community."

Through the CFC-O, federal employees stationed overseas can contribute to programs that will directly improve the experience of living abroad for their loved ones. Gifts to Family Support and Youth Programs help ease the transition for families and children in overseas military communities by funding programs that provide child care, offer emergency assistance, support recreational activities and improve facilities for those who are far from home, Duelley added.

"The CFC-Overseas raises funds to assist people in need in our military communities, across the nation and around the world," he said. "Giving to the CFC-O gives you the ability to donate to causes that impact your life, the lives of your family and friends and even your fellow service members."

During the CFC-O drive, which ran from October to December 2011, the AFRICOM coordinators met their goal of a 100 percent contact rate. More than 1,000 donors from AFRICOM contributed a little over $349,000.

"AFRICOM success starts and ends with the heartfelt generosity of its employees," Duelley said. "Whether it was a S10 or $1,000 donation, the money that AFRICOM raised for the Combined Federal Campaign will have an immediate impact supporting over 2,400 charities that depend upon our generosity to better the lives of people and communities in need."

The 2011 AFRICOM campaign had more than 200 volunteers. According to the AFRICOM campaign manager, volunteers came from AFRICOM headquarters, as well as Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) in Djibouti, U.S. Air Forces Africa at Ramstein Air Base, Special Operations Command Africa, U.S. Marine Forces Africa, U.S. Army Africa, AFRICOM Intelligence Directorate-Molesworth, and various embassies throughout the continent of Africa.

"All volunteers played a crucial role making contact with AFRICOM employees and keeping leadership informed of the campaign status," Duelley said.

The "remarkable similarity" between the 2010 and 2011 per-capital contributions, according to Duelley, shows the AFRICOM team's unwavering commitment to helping others.

"I am honored to have been a part of the 2011 Combined Federal Campaign, and it was a pleasure to work with all the volunteers who selflessly gave their time to help," said Duelley. "All donations will once again be welcome during the 2012 campaign, and it will be an exciting challenge to out-raise the 2011 contributions."

The 2012 CFC will kick-off in October and run through December 2012. This year's AFRICOM CFC-O program manager, Major Richard Banks, said he looks forward to working with the command's team and volunteers to help achieve a successful campaign.