Staff Resources

These resources are designed for U.S. Africa Command staff. Please report any outdated information or broken links to U.S. AFRICOM Public Affairs

- Traveling to Africa? Click here for the online resource which includes step-by-step instructions and documents helpful for your upcoming trip to Africa.

- Information about Inprocessing and Outprocessing - Click here if you are looking for information on PCSing to or from U.S. Africa Command Headquarters in Stuttgart Germany.

- ATAAPS- Automated Time Attendance and Production System

- DCO- Defense Connect Online

- Network Account Creation and Email Setup

- Check your OWA Email

- Communication Synchronization - AFRICOM Communication Synchronization Portal

- Hometown News - Submit your promotion, award, or other news to your hometown news organizations. (The form will be sent to the U.S. AFRICOM Public Affairs Office.)

- Office of the Inspector General

- Africa Center for Strategic Studies

- Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies

- Biometric Data for Identification Identity Resolution Biometric Submission Portal