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Office of the Inspector General
Our guiding principles: Problem solving -- our primary task; Right to seek help -- without fear of reprisal; Objective and unbiased -- we call it as we see it.


The Inspector General (IG) is the Commander’s eyes and ears. Through the inspection processes, teaching and training, assistance, and investigation, its staff reports on the command’s discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training, and readiness.


The Inspector General reports directly to the Commander, U.S. Africa Command, serving to:  Report on the state of efficiency, discipline, morale, training, and readiness throughout the command in support of the Commander's intent. Perform as a fair, impartial, and objective fact-finder and problem-solver.  Assist the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, Civilians and their Families to quickly resolve issues of concern, impropriety or wrongdoing.  Perform investigations, inspections, and assistance functions as directed by the Commander.  Conduct engagements to assist African militaries and ministries of defense in establishing and enhancing Host Nation IG capabilities throughout the command's area of responsibility.

Requesting Assistance or Filling a Complaint

If you’ve been unable to resolve a problem through the proper channels, we will help ensure the issue is addressed fairly and objectively.

The IG is not a policy maker. We will determine facts relevant to your situation and recommend action. Before you seek IG assistance, we advise that you:

  1. Use your chain of command. Depending on the circumstances, your commander or supervisor may be able to resolve your issue more quickly than we can. However, if you are not comfortable using your chain of command, please feel free to contact us and discuss your situation.
  2. Use established redress channels. Many issues have appeal or grievance procedures established by law or regulation, and IG action is not appropriate when a formal procedure to resolve the matter exists.
  3. Provide relevant information. We will need as much detail as you can give us to address the issue you raise.


To request assistance without fear of reprisal is the right of every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, Coastguardsman, Civilian, or Family Member seeking IG help. No one can prevent you from seeking redress through the IG system. There are several ways to contact the IG office with the easiest being to call us at DSN: 591-0107.

If you would rather meet with an IG personally, please call and make an appointment, or stop by our office. We welcome walk-ins between 0800 and 1500 on normal duty days. Our office is in Building 3312, Room 136, at Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart, Germany.

You can also submit an electronic assistance request form by clicking the “I Need Assistance” button below. The electronic request form goes directly to the IG e-mail inbox and you will receive a timely acknowledgement. Please ensure you include your mailing address and a phone number in case we have questions.

"I Need Assistance"

You may also email us at

Please note: The online assistance request form is for your convenience. Because we do not encrypt the transmission of your online request, we cannot guarantee your privacy. By using the “I Need Assistance” request form to submit your request via the internet, you acknowledge that your privacy is not guaranteed. If you wish to remain anonymous, we need sufficient details about the allegations; please include specific examples and details to assist us.

If you are not comfortable submitting your complaint through an electronic form, we recommend you complete the form, print it, and mail the printed copy to us. Refer to our office contact information below.

Physical mail:

HQ US Africa Command
ATTN: Inspector General
Unit 29951
APO AE 09751


DSN (314) 591-0107
Commercial 0611-143-591-0107

Additionally, you can report suspected abuses of authority, mismanagement, fraud or waste to this office or by contacting the DoD Hotline at (800) 424-9098 or