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A list of resources about Operations Security (OPSEC) practices.


Operations Security:

Operations Security, known as OPSEC, is a systematic method used by the Department of Defense, government agencies, and private industry to identify information requiring protection and determine how much protection to afford that information.  While this concept is normally applied to military operations, it should also be applied to our personal lives, as well.

We all have information we should protect:

  • social security numbers
  • birthdays
  • bank account information
  • names and addresses of family members
  • details of our loved ones’ employment
  • Facebook/Twitter accounts, etc.

It is imperative all of us to do everything we can to protect ourselves, our families, and our military community.

The following resources provide information on how we can reduce the likelihood of becoming victims of identity theft, physical threats, and other forms of crime. 



Simple measures like ensuring our Facebook profiles are truly private, taking precautions we post on Instagram or other file sharing sites, and being aware of our surroundings go a long way towards ensuring the safety of those we care about.