Operations Security

For U.S. Africa Command, operations security, or OPSEC, is a means to identify, control and protect unclassified information and evidence associated with U.S. Africa Command personnel, programs, families and activities. Adversaries or competitors working against the interests of U.S. Africa Command can exploit this information if it is not properly protected. 

Information to protect:

  • social security numbers
  • birthdays
  • bank account information
  • names and addresses of family members
  • details of our loved ones’ employment
  • information publicized on Facebook/Twitter profiles and posts
  • current and future exercises/operations
  • key personnel schedules and travel itineraries
  • personnel, acquisition and logistics information
  • emergency or contingency plans
  • changes to/or details of normal operating procedures
  • sensitive information

It is imperative all of us do everything we can to protect ourselves, our families, and our military community.

Simple measures such as taking caution when using social media, sharing files online, thinking through what is discussed in public areas are all critical in ensuring adversaries are unable to exploit information.

Contact the OPSEC manager by phone: 

Commercial: +49 (0) 711.729.8184