Resources for AFRICOM personnel assigned to RAF Molesworth, U.K.

Need to know info to make your transition smooth.

Being assigned to the J2-M, located on Royal Air Force Base (RAF) Molesworth, U.K., is a unique and rewarding experience. RAF Molesworth is about 70 miles north of England's capital city, London, and 25 miles northwest of the historic university town of Cambridge. 

Contact J21 Human Resources (numbers below) for the in-processing welcome packet, your primary source of information to plan your move.

Incoming personnel should be in contact with their sponsor for the latest COVID-19 travel guidance.

After arrival, personnel will report to J21 Human Resources Building 420, Room G2, RAF Molesworth, for in-processing.

DSN: (314) 268-5154/5067

Commercial from the US: 0044-148084-5154/5067

Commercial from Europe: 0044-148084-5154/5067

Commercial from Germany: 0044-148084-5154/5067

Mailing Address:

AFRICOM J2-Molesworth


Unit 5620

APO, AE 09469-5620


For personnel outbound from AFRICOM, the best source of information is the U.S. Africa Command J2-M portal.