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Directorates and Staff
Directorates and Staff
J1 - Manpower and Personnel provides the Commander, US Africa Command, manpower and personnel support for planning and operations.
U.S. Africa Command's J2 Directorate is committed to providing the most accurate, detailed, relevant information and knowledge to our Command.
The Directorate of Operations and Cyber conducts operational and cyber planning; organizes forces for assigned missions; coordinates movement and employment of forces; and monitors and directs operations in order to enhance stability in the USAFRICOM area of activity.
As USAFRICOM J4 moves forward we will continually look for ways to partner with the broad spectrum of stakeholders to synchronize and optimize logistics in order to achieve USAFRICOM objectives and enterprise logistics goals.
Directorate for Strategy, Engagement and Programs
Directorate of Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems
As U.S. Africa Command's principal fiscal stewards, the J8 plans, programs, budgets, and executes fiscal resources to deliver the best capability value from the resources provided.
Helpful information on how to provide Feedback to the HQ Cmdt, Facilities, FRG, Visas, and a link to the USAG Stuttgart website
Command Surgeon (AC J004)
Office of the Legal Counsel
Our guiding principles: Problem solving -- our primary task; Right to seek help -- without fear of reprisal; Objective and unbiased -- we call it as we see it.
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The Senior Development Advisor (SDA) is a career Senior Foreign Service Officer with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) who reports directly to the Combatant Commander and serves as USAID's principal senior representative within U.S. AFRICOM.
U.S. Africa Command recognizes it is part of a diverse U.S. government interagency team that reflects the talents, expertise, and capabilities within the entire U.S. government. U.S. AFRICOM was the first regional command to integrate from its inception advisors and experts from other U.S. government agencies.