Additional programs

U.S. Africa Command continually engages through a wide range of engagement activities to enhance security and stability throughout Africa.

Women, Peace, and Security

The Women, Peace, and Security Act of 2017 was signed into U.S. law in October of that year. As an integral component of efforts to enhance African partner capability - enabling U.S. security cooperation to better leverage the contributions of both men and women - U.S. Africa Command has worked to integrate WPS elements in its activities with African security forces since 2011. 

African Partnership Outbreak Response Alliance

African Partnership Outbreak Response Alliance began in 2014 with 12 countries to mitigate the threat of emerging and re-emerging pathogens in Africa due to lack of early warning detection and response. There are 26 African countries participating in APORA events, and membership is open to any African nation. APORA members are currently developing a manual of best practices, and have expanded activities to include table-top exercises and training in public health emergency operations.

Africa Enlisted Development Strategy

The Africa Enlisted Development Strategy aims to  standardize existing African professional military education institutions that can train not only their own nation’s forces but also those of neighboring countries and create or improve regional centers of excellence.