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The Office of the Legal Counsel, located on Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart-Möhringen, is composed of a diverse, interagency team that reflects the talents, expertise, and capabilities found within the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. The office serves as the principal legal advisor to the commander and his staff and provides legal advice on a myriad of issues to include: international law, the law of armed conflict, status protections, international agreements, ethics/standards of conduct, fiscal law, contract law, military justice, and civilian personnel matters

The office also engages with African partners to promote military adherence to the rule of law, systems of accountability, adherence to the Law of Armed Conflict, observance, respect, and protection of human rights, and the importance of military subordination to civilian authority.


To provide U.S. Africa Command with timely, accurate, and prudent legal advice that enables the command and its staff to execute operations that support overall mission accomplishment. 

The Office of the Legal Counsel provides the command with sound and reasoned legal advice/guidance through four distinct branches:

International Law: international agreements/treaties, support to international exercise planning, foreign criminal jurisdiction, personnel exchange/foreign liaison agreements, and country law studies
Operational Law: counterterrorism, rules of engagement and rules for the use of force, intelligence law, information operations, anti-terrorism and force protection, and maritime operations
Administrative & Civil Law: military justice, personnel law, fiscal law, ethics and standards of conduct, legislative affairs, FOIA & Privacy Act, humanitarian and civic assistance programs, and military transportation and travel
Legal Engagements: promotes rule of law considerations in theater security cooperation activities and security force assistance, facilitates African military legal partnerships in supporting human rights and adherence to the Law of Armed Conflict, and facilitates rule of law objectives for partner nations participating in the joint exercise program.

African Military Law Forum

The African Military Law Forum is an organization composed of dedicated African legal professionals serving in the military or working in the Ministry of Defense or Ministry of Justice.

AMLF Streams Speaker's Series, Issue 1.

AMLF Streams is a new speaker's series where AMLF members discuss legal topics of interest.  Our thanks to the Kentucky National Guard State Partnership, for hosting the first AMLF Streams Speaker's Series, Issue 1 with the Malawi Defense Forces Chief of Legal Services, BG Dan Kuwali.  BG Kuwali served as AMLF's first Co-Chair.

KY NG PAO release

AMLF Streams Episode 1

AMLF Streams Episode 2

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AMLF Streams Episode 4

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