Operational Contract Support

Direction and information for contracting activities, requiring activities, and contractors performing contracting operations in U.S. Africa Command.

Contracting opportunities: 

To contractors wishing to do business with the U.S. in Africa, please note U.S. Africa Command has no actual procurement authority, meaning that this organization does not issue any contract solicitations or other requests for services. The Department of Defense contract solicitations that are issued in Africa actually originate at the contracting offices for each of the individual military services that are located throughout Europe and the continental U.S.  

We recommend that you visit the Federal Business Opportunities page - Contract Opportunities. This website provides information about upcoming contracts from every federal department or office in addition to those from the Department of Defense. Upon registering on the website, you will be able to search for contract opportunities sorted by factors such as department, performance location, and keywords, in addition to finding information about contract awards.

Guidance for contracting officers and organizations

U.S. Africa Command’s Operational Contract Support Collaboration Portal provides information during all phases for requiring and contracting activities; U.S. Africa Command Operational Contract Support planning factors, management, policies, contract support requirements; and acquisition and cross-servicing agreements and OCS boards, bureaus, centers, cells, and working groups. The portal is hosted on Intelink and requires an “Intelink Passport,” which allows users to register for an account using their IC-PKI certificate or through a self-registration process.

Contractor management

Contractor management involves the control, support and integration of contractor personnel and their associated equipment deploying and operating in the operational area.

Use of the Pre-deployment and Operational Tracker is mandatory in the U.S. Africa Command area of responsibility to account for all contractors, regardless of dollar value or period of performance.

This Contractor Management Plan (CMP) provides Combatant Command guidance, policy, and tasks related to the U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM) area of responsibility (AOR) and any subsequently-established joint operating areas (JOAs); and the deployment preparation, in-theater management, government-furnished support, and redeployment of contractors. USAFRICOM and a JFC may impose additional policies and procedures.  This CMP also addresses contractor management aspects for local national (LN) contractor employees who have a place of performance on a U.S. military facility or within the vicinity.

General guidance for contracting officers and requiring activities

U.S. Department of State General Services Officers are not responsible for providing procurement and contracting support for DoD activities beyond limited support to U.S. government personnel permanently assigned at post, covered by the local International Cooperative Administrative Support Services agreement. 

Military activities are responsible for providing procurement and contracting support of theater security cooperation efforts conducted in support of combatant commander/Chief of Mission, to include military exercises/training, base operations, weapons procurement, aviation fuels and construction, and the President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief.

The Defense Contingency Contracting Handbook provides essential information, tools and training to help DoD Contingency Contracting Officers and other OCS staff meet the challenges they may face in contingency environments.

The Defense Contingency COR Handbook provides essential information and tools, as well as training and certification requirements for DoD Contingency Contracting Officer's Representatives in order to meet the challenges they may face in a variety of missions or environments.

DoD agencies and components are required to use the Contracting Officer Representative Tracking tool to electronically track COR nominations, appointments, terminations, and training certifications for service contracts.

Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreements provides a listing of current ACSA agreements worldwide.

Approved Food & Water Database provides information and guidance on food and drinking water safety, inspections, sources, service facilities and sanitation.

Entry into the U.S. Africa Command area of responsibility

Theater entry requirementsU.S. Africa Command theater entry requirements pertain to all DoD military, civilian, and contractor personnel traveling in any capacity into and within the U.S. Africa Command area of responsibility.

Memorandum for transportation officers booking travel to Africa (CAC enabled).

Personnel should be in contact with their supervisor for the latest COVID-19 travel guidance.

Theater medical clearanceAll personnel on official or leisure travel must adhere to the medical theater entry requirements.


U.S. Africa Command Operational Contract Support Integration Cell (J433)

DSN: 324-591-4076/4082