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President’s Welcome

Welcome to the Third edition of AMLF SENDS. Wishing everyone a good new year. It is my honor to introduce a most distinguished colleague, and the first President of AMLF, Lieutenant Colonel Desire Hakorimana of the Burundi National Defence Forces.  

 Interview with Lt. Col. Desire  Hakorimana

In this issue, Ms. Sandra Franzblau, U.S. Africa Command Office of Legal Counsel, conducts an interview with Lt. Col. Desire  Hakorimana, general military prosecutor, Burundi National Defence Forces, and the first president of AMLF. 

1. Hello Lt. Col. Desire Hakorimana. Could you please describe your current position with the Burundi National Defence Forces?

Yes, thank you for the question, Sandi. I am the general military prosecutor for the Burundi National Defence Forces. I deal with penal cases involving senior officers, from the rank of major to the rank of colonel. 

2. How many years have you been with the military?

I entered the army in January 1998, meaning that in this next January 2022, I will have 24 years serving the Army. 

3. Were you always working within the legal field, or have you also been a soldier?

Before joining the legal field, I was a commanding officer at the level of platoon commander. After that, I entered the academy following studies in the field of law. In September 2005, after completing my lawyer’s school, I became a junior military prosecutor (military prosecutor’s substitute).  

4. I understand that you have served as a lecturer for a variety of institutions. What areas do you teach, and for which institutions?

Thank you, after getting my master’s degree in human rights and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, and after obtaining my diploma in crime scene investigation, I have been invited to teach courses related to law in general, and international law and human rights law in particular, at academic institutions and centers for research like the University of Ngozi, Burundi Military Academy, and the Center for Research and Development Burundi. I’m also a trainer in specialized military schools like Senior Command and Staff College, Military Intelligence School. 

Moreover, I’m among the team of permanent trainers of international humanitarian law and human rights law at the BNDF, especially for pre-deployment and post-deployment courses. 

5. You deployed I believe twice in support of AMISOM? The first time was as a legal advisor to the BNDF deploying to Somalia. The second time as the senior provost marshall, correct? Could you please describe what were your primary responsibilities for each of those deployments?

Thank you, I did deploy twice. My primary responsibility was giving legal advice to the contingent commander. In particular, I referred to AMISOM regulations to advise the contingent commander in solving issues related to compensation, to penal cases, and to disciplinary cases. For the appointment of provost marshall, my main duty was investigating criminal and disciplinary cases.  

I was also on staff in the protection of AMISOM Headquarters and VIP security.

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