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Network Account Creation
To obtain NIPR and SIPR The Network Account Creation process has changed! Please follow the following steps to establish your accounts.

The Network Account Creation process has changed!

Your Supervisor\Sponsor will request your NIPR and/or SIPR account using the internal portal.

*It is important to have with you or make available to your supervisor/sponsor the following when completing the account creation process:

  • Digital (PDF) or printed copy of the DoD Cyber awareness training certificate.
  • Your SSN
  • Your DOB
  • Your (SIPR/NIPR) Defense Enterprise Email address if available. If not available, the best available email address.
    • Please note: notifications can only be sent to .mil or .gov addresses.

For SIPR Account request ONLY:

  • Complete USAFRICOM-specific FDO training within the last two years.  Have your supervisor/sponsor assist you with scheduling the briefing.