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Commandant's Feedback: This feedback mechanism is for any comments, concerns or suggestions concerning Command Programs (i.e. Safety program, EO, SHARP, Property Accountability, Quality of Life, Facilities, etc.) and/or Garrison subjects.  Prior to submitting, please ensure HQ Commandant is the selected Point of Contact.

Commander's Mess

Open Mess is only available for breakfast and lunch services
Monday - Friday
Breakfast Hours 0700 - 0830
Lunch Hours 1130 - 1300
Open/Closure/Hours are subject to change
For reservation contact SFC Seighman, Jason at DSN 421 - 2961 or e-mail:

AFRICOM Facilities Maintenance Office (FMO)

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Family Readiness Group (FRG)

The Family  Readiness Group (FRG) is an official Army program established pursuant to AR 600-20, Army  Command Policy.

The Family Readiness Group mission is to act as an extension of the unit in providing official, accurate command information; provide mutual support between the Command and the Family Readiness Group membership; advocate more efficient use of community resources; help families solve problems at the lowest levels.

The Family Readiness Group is led by the AFRICOM HQ Commandant and an Executive Board of volunteers.

  • FRG Command Team Advisor - Mrs. Ginny Rodriguez
  • Senior Advisors:
    • Mrs. Stacey Meyer
    • Mrs. Amanda Carter
    • Mrs. Rochelle Bohn
  • Family Readiness Group Leader - Mary Stewart

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Who can join the Family Readiness Group?

The AFRICOM Family Readiness Group is open to ALL AFRICOM Civilians, Contractors, Family Members and  Service Members.

FRG Events:

  1. Monthly Newcomers' Welcome
  2. Annual AFRICOM Olympics
  3. Annual Holiday Party

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Upcoming Highlights:


  • 28th: Women's Equality Day (Kelley Barracks)
  • 29th: USO 2nd Annual Sun & Fun Community Appreciation Day


  • 4th: United States Army Garrison Organizational Day

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