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Office of Legal Counsel
Office of Legal Counsel


Welcome to the U.S. Africa Command Office of Legal Counsel (J05). Our office is located on Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart-Moehringen, Germany, but we support all USAFRICOM assets, whether in Germany, RAF Molesworth, England, or on the continent of Africa. Our personnel form a diverse interagency team that reflects the talents, expertise, and capabilities found within the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.


• Serves as the principal legal advisor to the Commander and his staff• Provides legal advice on a myriad of issues, to include: international law, the law of armed conflict, status protections, international agreements, ethics/standards of conduct, fiscal law, contract law, military justice and civilian personnel matters• Conducts a legal engagements program to advance rule of law development through five primary focus areas:• Military is subordinate to civilian authority• Military has appropriate military justice system• Military adheres to int'l humanitarian law• Military forces observe, respect, & protect human rights• Preventing military corruption• Communicates AFRICOM legal positions to Component Commands• Advocates AFRICOM equities in Washington (DoS, OSD, JS, etc.)


To provide U.S. Africa Command with timely, accurate, and prudent legal advice that enables the Command and its Staff to execute operations which support overall mission accomplishment. The Office of Legal Counsel will continue to build upon its commitment to excellence and to offer legal guidance and prudential advice.

The Office of Legal Counsel provides the Command with sound and reasoned legal advice/guidance through four distinct branches:

• International Law (J052): international agreements/treaties, international exercise planning, foreign criminal jurisdiction, personnel exchange/foreign liaison agreements, and country law studies
• Operational Law (J053): rules of engagement and rules for the use of force, intelligence law, counterterrorism, information operations, antiterrorism and force protection, and maritime operations
• Administrative & Civil Law (J054): military justice, personnel law, fiscal law, ethics and standards of conduct, legislative affairs, FOIA & Privacy Act, humanitarian and civic assistance programs, and military transportation and travel
• Legal Engagements (J055): theater security cooperation, rule of law, small unit exchanges, human rights, strategic communications, African economic and security organizations, and military-to-military contacts

Office of the Legal Counsel
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