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Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
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The United States established diplomatic relations with Ethiopia in 1903. Italy, which had neighboring possessions in Africa, invaded and occupied Ethiopia from 1935 until its expulsion in 1941 during World War II. The United States never publicly recognized Italian authority in Ethiopia. After Ethiopia's 1974 revolution, U.S.-Ethiopian relations began to cool due to the government's linkage with international communism and U.S. revulsion at its human rights abuses. Bilateral relations improved with the 1991 downfall of Ethiopia's regime. The United States and the people of Ethiopia share a strong history as friends and partners. Today, the three pillars of the bilateral relationship are economic growth and development; democracy, governance, and human rights; and regional peace and security. The United States and Ethiopia work together to enhance food security, improve health services, strengthen education, promote trade, and expand development. The United States has welcomed Ethiopia's dedication to maintaining security in the region, including through peacekeeping missions in Sudan and South Sudan.