Federal Government of Somalia, AFRICOM target al-Shabaab

In coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, U.S. Africa Command conducted an airstrike targeting an al-Shabaab checkpoint in vicinity of Hantiwadaag, Somalia, July 9.

By U.S. Africa Command Public Affairs United States Africa Command Hantiwadaag, Somalia Jul 09, 2020
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“Al-Shabaab are using checkpoints to threaten, extort and restrict the movement of innocent people in Mogadishu and Lower Shabelle region,” said U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Bradford Gering, director of operations, U.S. Africa Command.  “Al-Shabaab’s actions continue to impede much needed economic development and progress.”     

The command's initial assessment concluded this airstrike killed one (1) terrorist and destroyed an al-Shabaab checkpoint. 

U.S. Africa Command currently assesses no civilians were injured or killed as a result of this airstrike.

U.S. Africa Command and our international partners recognize that stability in Somalia will not be achieved through purely military means. It requires providing programs and opportunity for the Somali people. 

Together and at the request of the Federal Government of Somalia, U.S. Africa Command works to improve security conditions in Somalia in order to enhance governance and economic development. U.S. partnership with Somalia also helps prevent al-Shabaab's ambitions to expand their reach, plot attacks, and further export violence.

 U.S. Africa Command continues to work with its Somali partners to transfer the responsibility for long-term security in Somalia to the Federal Government of Somalia and its Member States.