Resources for AFRICOM personnel assigned to RAF Molesworth, U.K.

Need to know info to make your transition smooth.

Being assigned to the J2-M, located on Royal Air Force Base (RAF) Molesworth, U.K., is a unique and rewarding experience. RAF Molesworth is about 70 miles north of England's capital city, London, and 25 miles northwest of the historic university town of Cambridge. 

In-processing welcome packet: This link is your primary source of information to plan your move.

Incoming personnel should be in contact with their sponsor for the latest COVID-19 travel guidance.

After arrival, personnel will report to J21 Human Resources Building 420, Room G2, RAF Molesworth, for in-processing.

DSN: (314) 268-5154/5067

Commercial from the US: 0044-148084-5154/5067

Commercial from Europe: 0044-148084-5154/5067

Commercial from Germany: 0044-148084-5154/5067

Mailing Address:

AFRICOM J2-Molesworth


Unit 5620

APO, AE 09469-5620


For personnel outbound from AFRICOM, the best source of information is the U.S. Africa Command J2-M portal.