Resources for AFRICOM personnel assigned to RAF Molesworth, U.K.

Need to know info to make your transition smooth.

After arrival, please report to the J21/Human Resources in Bldg 420, RM G2, RAF Molesworth for In-Processing.

DSN: (314) 268-5154/5067

Commercial from the US: 0044-148084-5154/5067

Commercial from Europe: 0044-148084-5154/5067

Commercial from Germany: 0044-148084-5154/5067

Mailing Address:

AFRICOM J2-Molesworth


Unit 5620

APO, AE 09469-5620

Inprocessing/Welcome Packet 

This link is your primary source of information to plan your move. As a combatant command, we are a tenant organization of 423rd Air Base Group on RAF Molesworth. Below find helpful documents for PCSing in the COVID environment:

Personal Property Quick Reference Guide

PCS Info - 5 Measures to Protect Your Health

Moving in COVID-19 Environment


Farewell from AFRICOM! For those of you outbound from AFRICOM, your best source of information is USAFRICOM J2-M Portal.

Effective April 20 Secretary Esper approved an extension to the stop move order through June 30 to aid in the further prevention of the spread of COVID-19. While the Department acknowledges that this order will have great impact on our service members and their families who are looking to proceed with their lives, the rapidly changing environment has created significant risks to service members, as the DOD continues personnel movements and travel. The decision was made in order to protect U.S. personnel and preserve the operational readiness of our global force. The Department now has procedures in place to allow for additional waivers and the resumption of travel for several categories of travelers that were previously suspended, including deployments.

The guidance can be found here and helpful information can be found here.


Memorandum for Leaders, Troops, Civilians, and Families of U.S. Africa Command - Our Moral Compass