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Farewell from AFRICOM! For those of you outbound from AFRICOM, your best source of information is USAG Stuttgart's Relocation Assistance link

Farewell from AFRICOM!
In order to depart, you must out-process from Garrison, AFRICOM and your Directorate.

  1. AFRICOM Out-processing: Must be done to clear Command, badging/security, accounts, et al
    1. AFRICOM out-processing is initiated at Joint Reception (J114) at Bldg 3312, Rm 218 Monday – Friday / 0800-1600
    2. Email any questions to:
  2. Garrison Out-processing: Must be done to clear installation, housing, et al
    1. Attend USAG Stuttgart's PCS Brief approximately 45-90 days prior to your departure.  Briefings are offered twice monthly.  Contact Central Processing Facility at Panzer (596-2599) to confirm date and reserve a seat.
    2. Once you have attended the above briefing: Out Processing Questionnaire is required 30days from departure.  Your questionnaire will trigger the population your pre-cleared Checklist, which will be distro’d to you 14 days out from departure.
  3. Directorate Out-processing: See your Directorate’s front office for internal checklist.

For those outbound from AFRICOM looking for links and information at their gaining location, the best source of information is USAG Stuttgart's Relocation Assistance link:

Under the Pre-Arrival tab, select your gaining duty station along with report date; the system will populate a calendar with your tasks. Each task has a hyperlink to the appropriate destination office that can assist you with completing that task.