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First Moroccan attends Swiss NCO course

11:06 AM11/10/2021
Strengthening the partnership and addressing common challenges are key tenants in U.S. Africa Command’s African Enlisted Development Strategy, which enabled Lazaar’s participation in the course that focused on non-commissioned officer development and leadership training in a multinational environment.
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Burke to helm U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa

1:00 PM7/20/2020
Foggo, outgoing commander, strengthened the U.S. Navy-Africa partnership, increasing maritime security and combating the influence of common malign actors.
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Logistics challenges, opportunities discussed during Lexington Institute webinar

4:07 PM6/26/2020
The materials delivered included medical personal protective equipment and blood to support the forward-deployed field medical unit in East Africa. The shipment also included ammunition and supplies to address mutual threats in the region.
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