Stuttgart Inprocessing

This link is your primary source of information to plan your move. As a combatant command, we are a tenant organization of United States Army Garrison (USAG) Stuttgart.

Welcome to AFRICOM!

For those inbound to AFRICOM, please visit the garrison's relocation assistance program page, and review the documents below:

Personal Property Quick Reference Guide

PCS Info - 5 Measures to Protect Your Health

Moving in COVID-19 Environment

All the logistical components of your move are handled through garrison's services and agencies, which are outlined on this relocation assistance link. Task lists are broken down by Pre-Arrival, Arrival, and Post Arrival. Please visit this site as soon as possible.

You will be assigned a Sponsor by your gaining Directorate.  Your sponsor will not only assist you prior to and upon your arrival, but will also be your primary point of contact during your transition.  The Joint Reception/Sponsorship office is available to assist for specific inquiries and/or if you are not getting timely responses and adequate support from your assigned sponsor. Upon arrival, your sponsor will assist as you plan and execute completion of three separate In-Processing checklists:

1) AFRICOM In-Processing: Your sponsor will accompany you to Joint Reception at Bldg. 3312 / Room 218 to initiate your AFRICOM In-Processing. You'll need a copy of your orders, your CAC, and any other service specific paperwork. Additionally, prior to your arrival, your sponsor can assist with helping you establish your AFRICOM email addresses.
See: for more information.

2) Garrison In-Processing: AFRICOM, as a Combatant Command, is a tenant organization of US Army Garrison (USAG) Stuttgart. As such, Garrison provides all logistical support (housing, furnishings, medical, dental, etc) and AFRICOM personnel are required to complete Garrison In-Processing.  Garrison In-Processing is a 10 day schedule and start dates are offered on a continuous, rolling basis.

3) Directorate In-Processing: Your directorate checklist will outline administrative requirements by your office and/or work group (DTS, GPC, official passport, recall roster, etc).

AFRICOM's Sponsorship Program is designed to make your transition to Europe, the Stuttgart community, and into AFRICOM as painless and predictable as an overseas move can be.

For any questions, please contact the Joint Reception office at:

There are a lot of moving pieces and logistical challenges - from deciding what to pack versus what to store; booking and executing travel for you, your dependents, and/or your pets; finding a place to live on base or off; planning monetary expectations like upfront housing and travel expenses - but it's well worth it! AFRICOM is a great place to serve and Stuttgart is a fantastic place to live.

AFRICOM Newcomers Checklist